My passion is to educate and motivate you
toward a healthier lifestyle.


My passion is to educate and motivate you
toward a healthier lifestyle.


My Mission

As a trainer specializing in strength training and weight loss, I strive to help and progress clients toward reaching their unique fitness goals and learning to live a healthy lifestyle.
My goal is to build professional longterm relationships with clients while striving to produce results in the most immediate timeframe possible.  Through continuing education I have the cutting edge  knowledge to help clients reach their personal fitness and health related goals as quickly as possible so they can tackle their life with an enhanced self image in both their personal and professional lives.

Training Plans

I have a variety of training plans availble to fit your needs, and your schedule.


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What I Specialize In

I specialize in

Pre & Post Natal Training

I am a

Senior Fitness Specialist

I specialize in

General Strength


“I started working with Lisa with Muscle girls after he birth of my second child. I was having difficulty losing the baby weight on my own. By incorporating weight lifting, I was finally able to lose the baby weight, and get in the best shape I have been in. She is always listening and pushing to get the best work out! She is able to tailor work outs and motivation to multiple personalities. Her knowledge on the body and what muscles need to be rested or worked based on injuries is unmatched in my opinion. She helps incorporate a healthy lifestyle with diet recommendations as well. Do yourself a favor, and call her!”


Physician, Age 32

“I began training with Lisa Cermele as a continuation of physical therapy following back surgery. Originally, I had planned on meeting with her for a few sessions to learn how to translate my physical therapy routine to the gym machines/equipment. My plan was to do the workouts on my own. In just a few weeks I saw and felt the benefits of working weekly with her.

She closely monitors my form, stance and posture, keeps me on track, all of which has aided in my improved overall strength. She challenges me but never to the point of pain. My workouts are a constant mix-up of the weights and machines, without feeling I have had an easy workout. I can talk to her about my concerns and she offers reasonable solutions. Lisa is a good motivator and role model for changing old negative habits into healthy ones.

She is accommodating to my work schedule and has always been there for our appointments. I trust her knowledge as a trainer and recommend her without hesitation.”


“I started training with Lisa is 2014 and she has been incredible. She helps me stay focused on my goals and is always pushing me to do my best. Even when I get off track, she inspires me to keep going . Lisa has helped me lose 45 pounds and drop 5 pant sizes. She has changed my life and taught me how to eat better. Lisa is an amazing trainer and I’m forever grateful.”


Age 34

“I’ve been training with Lisa for over 2 years now and I can’t recommend her enough! I love the variety of workouts that she continues to surprise me with. I am never bored with her routines nor does my body ever grow accustom to them. She always pushes me through the workouts, while also being mindful of my safety and alignment throughout each one. Lisa genuinely listens to her clients. If an exercise isn’t working for me or I show up to the work out still sore from the previous day, she makes modifications to make sure I am still comfortable throughout the workout. Lisa loves what she does and you can see that firsthand with every training session. If you are looking for a dedicated, hardcore personal trainer, your “go to” trainer should be Lisa! She is tough, well-experienced, alters the routines to every client’s needs, and is the BEST personal trainer in area!”


Age 40

“I have tried many different workout classes, but I did not notice a change until I started training with Lisa. Since training with Lisa, I have gone down two sizes and lost 12 pounds. I now have confidence when I go to the gym and I know that I am doing the exercises correctly. She always makes sure we don’t do the same workout every time. I always learn a new exercise every time we meet. I have learned so much from her from what to eat to the best exercises for me. My family has said that they can tell I have more confidence.”


41 Year Old Mother of 2

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